Why You Should Start Long Term Renting Your Airbnb


Ever considered expanding your Airbnb offering? Instead of renting out your property for a night or two, you can arrange long term stays or sublets. If you’re not the kind of person that enjoys the social benefits of guests going in and out of your Airbnb, then long term renting out could be for you.

Not only does Airbnb offer a wonderful opportunity for travellers to stay in a HOME, but now, you’re able to offer them a home long-term. No painful searching, day after day, for houses and apartments that are up for rent. And why would you when there’s a perfectly wonderful Airbnb that can make it all easy for you?

Stay tuned to find out what kind of group you should be targeting and whether you’re really suitable for renting out long-term.

To Rent or Not to Rent?

As of today, any doubts you may have had about subletting an Airbnb are going to disappear. These are the top five reasons that will convince you to start long-term renting your cozy, little Airbnb.

You Live in the Right Neighborhood

Do you live in a neighborhood that’s convenient for long term stays? For example, families usually seek out family-friendly neighborhoods before they sign a long-term lease. Airbnb just might be the perfect opportunity for a family who needs to relocate quickly to an unknown city, but seek a neighborhood that suits their lifestyle. Luckily, if you’re in the right neighborhood, your listing should exhibit it as a potential advantage for a long-term lease.

You Want to Have More Time on Your Hands

It’s a fact that managing an Airbnb offering long-term stays is a lot easier than managing an Airbnb who has people walking in and out every other day. Once you find your tenants, you’re basically done with most of the work. You don’t have to update your calendar and listing every day, you’re not busy cleaning and preparing, as well as thinking of new ways to ‘outhost’ yourself and impress each new guest that arrives.

You Want Rent to be Paid on Time

Another great advantage if you’re considering renting out your Airbnb are payments. Rent will never be late because your guests will pay through a credit card via the service where you listed. Yet another great perk, and one less thing to think about.

Your Airbnb is Perfect for Newcomers

And by this we mean people who are just starting out a new life in your city. You must be wondering why? Well, think about it. Newcomers don’t know your area and could have a hard time finding the right neighborhood and apartment. Plus, they’re new to the environment and need some time to settle in. An Airbnb is the perfect choice because they can rent long-term, in a desired neighborhood and have more time to be acquainted with the city, without the added pressure of searching, roaming around in a stranger city.

It gives them the ability to discover exactly what they want and need at a certain time, and at a cheaper price. Where on earth can you have a home before you even arrive? What also appeals to newcomers is instant insight into their potential long-term stay, and the option to rent it without even going to your place before hand.

You Have a Second Empty Home

Why should you let it sit there, all empty and alone? A home is made for living, but if you don’t want to muss and fuss with a lot of guests going in and out of your Airbnb, you should choose long-term renting out. It’s a fact that the higher number of guests visiting your Airbnb is on a monthly basis, the larger workload you’ll have. And this all takes time and dedication. But rent out your second home as an Airbnb, and you’ll have a steady income for months without worrying too much.

If owning a vacation home isn’t a advantage enough, you can add another plus by turning into an Airbnb, and rent it out to tenants for a price that certainly won’t hurt your wallet.

What’s in It for the Guests?

  • Their payments are secured each month since they are paying via credit card. Once you come to an agreement regarding the pricing, their credit card is charged that amount each month.
  • Guests can do a specific search of a home they want, and not only that but within their price range, in a specific neighborhood, with specific amenities.
  • They immediately feel more comfortable, because your listing shows record of positive reviews. This gives them sort of a guarantee that they will have a pleasant stay.
  • Guest can easily make reservations, from their current home, without ever having to get up from their chair and travel possibly thousands of miles to see an apartment personally before renting it out. In other words, immediate action from the comfort of their own home.
  • As a guest, you get a chance to negotiate directly with the homeowner. No agencies and no mediators. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the landlord and understand the situation perfectly.
  • They can try out a neighborhood without any commitments. If they don’t like the neighborhood in the following two months, they can easily pack up and leave, without any legal consequences.

By opening up this opportunity, Airbnb owners will take a major step towards expanding this branch of shared economy, one that could influence the way renting works altogether.

The goal of Airbnb moving into a completely new category is to make monthly subletting as easy as booking a weekend getaway. As the Airbnb industry focuses on making life more comfortable and easier for travelers, guests and renters around the world,  we can’t help but to wonder. What’s next?

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