Why Older Adults Make Awesome Airbnb Hosts


Let’s get one thing clear. The hospitality industry is open to all the different profiles of people who are willing to dedicate their time to become an Airbnb host. There are simply no limits, except if you’re under age, which is quite logical. However, there’s a certain age group that could especially benefit from joining this industry, and we’re refering to our lovely elders. Why? There are multiple reasons, but we believe that all seniors who want in on the sharing economy can actually do it.

If you’re a senior yourself, that doesn’t mean you aren’t fit to run a business like an Airbnb. You can become the age buster who runs a business and leads a fulfilling life at an age when everyone expects you to retire and rest. But Airbnb has turned this around completely and now you have a chance to live through your retirement like never before.

Sense of Belonging

That’s right, seniors could have multiple benefits from hosting. In fact, older adults make great candidates for joining this branch of sharing economy, because they own three things other adults don’t: experience, free time and manners of the previous generation.

If there’s one thing that seniors sometimes feel it’s loneliness. More than often, they feel like time has run them over and that they can’t fit in this fast-paced world, where everything is changing dramatically and they can’t grasp all these changes.

If we look at it from the psychological perspective, we’ll be able to understand better why hosting an Airbnb is extremely beneficial for seniors. The Airbnb community, in its essence, wants to connect people from around the world and create a surrounding where they will fit in. No matter which part of the world you go to, Airbnb is a home away from home. Seniors on one hand, often fall into the isolation trap, but by hosting an Airbnb, they escape the cold and isolated environment. They get to welcome the world to their home, interact with people, and keep the essence of every human alive. And that essence is having a social life and feeling like you belong.

Great Leadership

Senior citizens have been and are the pillars of our community. Once they were great entrepreneurs and leaders. But this isn’t a story with a sad ending, and it’s all thanks to sharing economy. By hosting an Airbnb, and becoming a host, senior citizens get a chance to show of their leadership and business skills and renew their sense of purpose once again.

The fact is that elders have been exposed to a different day and age, and possess leadership skills perfect for running a business in the hospitality industry. Airbnb hosts all need to have great leadership in order to guide their business in the right direction. Therefore, elders have an advantage, because they already have established leadership skills.

Financial Stability

Medical bills, mortgages and home repairs are just some of the financial burdens all seniors face. Therefore, it’s no surprise that golden agers seek new sources of income. Retirement funds are more than often not enough to sustain every day needs of an average senior, therefore so many opt to fill their tight budgets with a second income.

This second income that they might get from an Airbnb can play a crucial role in their overall quality of life. Such an income can be used to make ends meet, since older adults usually have more expenses than income. But that’s not all. It enables them to invest in opportunities that otherwise they couldn’t have imagined doing, such as travel.

Above all, they have the opportunity to add to their income without every leaving their home. And that’s a huge advantage.

Keeps You Active

What seniors lack the most is being an active part of the community. Most of all, they lack physical activity that aid their health quality. Hosting an Airbnb comes with several obligations and responsibilities, from cleaning and preparing, to remaining alert to guests staying at your unit. This requires seniors to engage in an active lifestyle, one that they might thought is lost forever. But it isn’t!

Plus, there’s a certain kind of fulfillment when you’re ’’running around’’, trying to please your guest. There’s a purpose to what you’re doing, and that doesn’t tire you out physically, on the contrary, it gives you energy that you can only get by doing something that fulfills you.

Genuine Interaction

Social interaction is all about connecting with people on a certain level. A level which comes from way before, when travelling was all about connecting with other cultures and finding a link between different nations and countries.

By participating in the sharing economy and hosting an Airbnb, seniors get a chance to socially interact with others, share their home and experiences, and teach their wisdom to whoever opens their mind to it. It’s a kind of interaction they can scarcely find in today’s world.


Senior citizens continue to be a great asset to the community, and possess a certain power that only their generation has. For all the reasons listed above, we strongly consider every senior to try and take a bite of the cake that is hospitality industry.

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