Why Booking.com Could Be a Great Option for Your Vacation Rental



Everyone seems to be focusing a large amount of their time on Airbnb, if not all of it, trying to create the ultimate listing and get one booking after another. Although Airbnb is an amazing website that provides a great opportunity for you to market your rental, it’s not the only place that caters to your needs.The truth is, there are so many different opportunities to market your rental home or apartment, that there’s no need to put all of your eggs in one basket.

We honestly believe that you shouldn’t just be listing on one website. And if you have a chance to market your property on several platforms, therefore, get more bookings and get more money in the end by listing your property elsewhere, why not? Depending on what you actually own, whether it’s a tiny, spare room in your apartment or a luxury vacation villa, your rental property might find glory in other listing websites besides Airbnb. Today, we decided to turn our attention to Booking.com and how they decided to cater to vacation rental property owners all around the globe.

The Established Reputation of Booking.com

We’ve all heard about Booking.com, but with the emerging of Airbnb, it seems to have been left in the shadow. Many of the benefits and potential have been forgotten, but they are still existent nonetheless.

Booking.com offers almost 900,000 properties all around the world, which includes almost 400,000  vacation rentals. Many people are unaware that Booking.com offers more than just hotels. It also includes country houses, villas, luxury resorts, bed and breakfast rentals, lodges, homestays and much more. Which just might make this a perfect place to list your home and profit from targeting a different audience.

Booking.com is stated to be the new and fierce competitor of Homeaway, immediately becoming a competitor to Expedia and Airbnb.

Caters to Various Profiles

How do we feel about a business catering to hotel owners adding a completely different aspect of its business empire? We love it. Although both branches of the hospitality industries differ in many aspects, they both strive to provide what customers need. Certain customers still prefer a good old hotel room over any vacation rental, but there are certain customers who are more likely to stay in a vacation rental rather than booking a room in a hotel. And there’s no reason for this huge business mogul to pick between one or the other.

Guests get to choose what they prefer, a vacation rental or a hotel room, while rental property owners now get a chance to market their property outside of Airbnb, which is definitely an appealing change. Here are a couple of aspects about Booking.com that we really like.

Easily Secure a Booking

Prepay a portion of the vacation rental or apartment you decide to rent out. Certain homes require a security deposit upon arrival, which is definitely something reassuring both for guests and hosts. You get a chance to secure a booking, without being afraid that you’ll lose your deposit or be cancelled right in front of your nose.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling and booking are also simplified. If you own a vacation rental company, all you have to do is e-mail the website detailed instructions on your rental policy, which includes bookings and cancellations, as well as where your guests can pick up the keys.

Smooth Process of Booking

For those who either don’t have the time to really go one-on-one with owners or want to avoid this aspect, Booking.com has made the process of booking online more efficient and smooth. Many rental listing sites, for safety reasons, force one-on-one communication with property owners, but sometimes this can be quite a hassle, especially for last-minute bookings. Instantly confirmable reservations is definitely an asset of Booking.com


Booking.com is still on the low when it comes to integration vacation rental properties of individuals, but it does show potential. We expect that in the future we’ll see the major development of this industry because Booking.com does have the power and global reach to infiltrate the market and reach out to potential hosts.


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