Why A Clean Airbnb is a Five-Star Airbnb; Tips to Keep Your Rental Crispy Clean


Cleanliness – the most important factor if you’re in the hospitality industry. If you’re chasing that five star rating, a clean airbnb space goes a long way towards getting you the perfect one. It automatically raises your reputation, which means you’ll get more bookings, great references and an airbnb that’s listed so high, you won’t know what to do with all the incoming guests.

Some people hold the belief that an Airbnb is never as clean as a hotel, simply because every hotel has a designated staff that does the cleaning, and cleaning only. But we’re here to prove that an airbnb home can be just as clean as any hotel. And not only that, it’s going to smell, look and feel better than a boring old hotel room.


  • Have Extra Storage Space

When you arrive to the place you’re going to stay, you just want to get in, unpack your luggage and relax. But where do you put your luggage, so you don’t have to trample over it every time you want to go out? Make sure to have extra storage space for suitcases, so that your guests don’t feel cramped in your room. Once they store their belongings, they can enjoy the entire room, just as you set it up for them. Perfection!

*Quick Tip* Of course, unpacking and using the storage space is all up to the guest, but you can always suggest that you have extra storage  space prepared for their luggage so they know in advance, and think about using it.

  • Clean Each and Every Room

It might suffice to say this, but after your guests leave and you start cleaning, don’t just focus on the areas they’ve actually been in. Clean the entire space, but pay attention to the areas they’ve actually stayed in just a little bit more.

If you focus on the rooms they’ve used and neglect the ones they haven’t, you might miss to dust the shelves, vacuum the area, and remake the bed. And once your next guest comes in, they’ll surely notice these little things. It’s okay to not be perfect, but it’s not okay not to care.

  • Charge a Cleaning Fee

There’s always an option to clean your airbnb yourself or hire airbnb cleaning and preparation services that will do this at a certain rate. Whatever the case may be, you have to open up at least one of the options for your guests, especially if they’re planning on staying for a longer time.

*Quick Tip* If you don’t have a large number of units and choose to do the cleaning up on your own, make your place shine by using products that smell nice and don’t use harsh chemicals. Some of the guests may be allergic to them, so it’s best to avoid a potential catastrophe if you can.

  • Don’t Overcrowd with Decor

As much as we love and support decorating your airbnb to make it more welcoming and beautiful, too much decor can create clutter and make guests feel cramped or nervous. Remove all of the unnecessary objects from your airbnb and keep the place neat. Keep a few tchotchkes in every room just to give your airbnb some personality, but try to keep counters and tables neat and clean. It opens up the space, makes it look bigger and cleaner, and such a space is every guest’s dream.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom – The Epicenter of Your Cleaning Spree

These are the trouble areas. It’s the places that are used the most, and where the most mess is made. And whether you’ve spent an hour in the kitchen or seven days, there’s always something to clean up. From our own experience, we know that a clean kitchen and bathroom leave a great impression on the guests.

*Quick Tip* Clean out the refrigerator each and every time, and empty the trash can. If you have a microwave make sure to clean it thoroughly as well. Check every cupboard to see if something is misplaced and put it back in order. As we always say, and we truly believe in it, the small things count.

  • Wake Up and Smell the Roses – Literally

If you have a clean house, you have a beautifully smelling house. And you want the smell to woe your guests as soon as they come in the door, so they’d be like Oh, wow, it smells gorgeous in here!

Make sure not to overdo it by mixing several different scents around the house, or opting for fragrances that are too strong. You want the house to smell nice, but not suffocate the guests who’ll want to open the windows as soon as they come in. If you feel comfortable with your budget, buy fresh roses or any other flower that smells nice and put it in a vase in the room. There’s nothing more gorgeous or beautiful than a vase of fresh flowers.

*Quick Tip* Place a bowl of potpourri on a coffee table in the entrance hallway, so that when your guests enter your home they immediately smell the freshness. That’s how you make a first impression!

  • It’s all the Small Things

Cleanliness is in the small things and the way you do them. And if you were thinking of how to upgrade your airbnb experience, focus on the following. Once you’re done scrubbing and mopping, do little things and go out of your way to impress your clients. Arrange the items in the fridge in a particular way fold the towels or roll them up neatly, and place bath salts next to them. Don’t just make the bed. Focus on the little details, like fold over one end of the bedding.


How do you keep your airbnb spotless? Share your little tips and tricks with us, so we can make the airbnb business shiny and bright!




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