Welcome Christmas Into Your Airbnb

WAYS TO BRING CHRISTMASWe’re not going to suggest caroling to your guests, because that would be a bit over the top (although we do love this ancient tradition). However, there are certain things you can do to bring Christmas into your home. These little details won’t cost you too much, but they will definitely wake up the Christmas spirit of your guests. Try them out, don’t be the Grinch.

Put Up A Christmas Tree There’s no tree like a Christmas tree, and since Christmas is coming to your Airbnb this year, you might as well embrace the fact that you’re going to need it. Whether you want to place it in your guest’s unit or somewhere in the hallway, it’s an absolute must. There are no rules to decorating, as long as you let the smell of fresh pine into your home.

What Happens Under the Mistletoe… Stays under the mistletoe. So dont’ be afraid to embrace this Christmas tradition. Guests will love it, and you never know, you might just be the cupid that brought someone together on Christmas. Whether you plan to put a mistletoe somewhere in the hallway or at the entrance of your home, or in their unit, it’s a wonderful tradition you shouldn’t discard quickly. So many people are away from home during the holidays, so bring a little bit of home right to their feet.

Tis the Season to Be Generous We associate all kinds of wonderful deeds with Christmas, and one of them is certainly charity. Giving to each other, sharing with your neighbor and supporting each other through hard times. It’s the true image of Christmas, and if you take a look at it closely, it’s what every Airbnb is actually doing on a daily basis. Giving, sharing, and supporting. But when it comes to Christmas, there’s a certain tradition that came to our mind if you really want to go over and beyond with helping and being charitable. The space below your Christmas tree is reserved for presents as always. Have your guests leave canned goods, or anything that they find fit to donate to your local charity. Some guests may disagree, but since everyone seems to be in a good mood around Christmas, they will probably gladly participate in this lovely tradition. That way, you and your guests get to help others in need, and feel satisfied. We all love to feel helpful, and your guests will simply fall in love with you because you gave them a chance to get in the spirit of giving, and not getting.

Oh Deer, Where Are the DVDs? Music, movies, games – you name it. Christmas is a time of giving, so be especially generous during this time of the year. It might be corny to some, but there’s no Christmas without classic Christmas movies. What’s a Christmas without Elf and Grinch? Just in case you don’t know which movies to leave for your guests, here’s a quick reminder of the best Christmas movies of all times:

Home Alone

Nightmare Before Christmas

Bad Santa


The Santa Clause

The Muppet Christmas Carol

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Peppermint This, Peppermint That Whatever it is, it has to be made of peppermint because it’s Christmas! All jokes aside, there’s not Christmas without peppermint candy or cookies. If you’re not the cookie maker extraordinaire, buy peppermint candy that you can place around the house in little cute bowls, hang candy canes on the Christmas tree or even place some on your guest’s pillow in the bedroom. Oh, if all fails, get a cup of fresh Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha and make your guest feel like at home.

Hire an Elf on the Shelf Elf on the Shelf is a wonderful Christmas tradition that your guests will enjoy, especially if you’re a host to families with children. Elf on the Shelf represents Santa’s eyes and ears in the homes, so that Santa always knows who’s good or bad. Why not include an Elf on the Shelf in your Airbnb, and have some fun?

Decorate the Outside of Your Ho-Ho-Home Decorate your Airbnb from the outside. You don’t have to go overboard and start a decorating war with your neighbors (this is not a Hollywood movie). But, if you’re really in the Christmas mood and want to show your guests what Christmas is to you, go ahead. The decorating itself is a matter of personal choice, but make sure to represent you and your local traditions, and that in a way it will stand out from the rest of the homes in your block. Remember, it’s all about being unique and standing out, and Christmas is no different either. If no Airbnb in your city is doing Christmas, why not do you and be you?

Christmas is in the Air Make your home smell like Christmas! One way to do it is by buying scented candles from your local store. Companies have went all out and have created different winter collections of candles that will spread calmness the moment you decide to light them up. Fancy the smell of pine trees or apples and cinnamon?

You don’t have to always personalize your Airbnb according to holidays, but we’ve felt that Christmas is a huge part of the global community and that it should be honored properly. Since the hospitality industry is all about connecting people on a different level, bringing them closer together, and linking cultures and traditions, Christmas seems like the perfect opportunity to bring all worlds together into one.

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