Ways to Regularly Attract the Guests of Your Dreams

Ways to Regularly Attract the

Welcoming guests into your home is certainly a very gratifying job, which is why so many individuals are looking to flow into Airbnb waters. The idea of becoming an Airbnb superhost and showing off your hospitality skills appeals to many. And if you eventually decide to become a host and immerse yourself in the Airbnb world, you’ll start to understand that even with the best communication and business skills in your possession, some factors that influence your hospitality, you simply can’t control.

For example, you’ve done all the necessary paper work and communication before your guests arrive. In fact, you’ve went all out and created the personalized welcome kit that shows your guests how good of a host you really are. But then you welcome your guests, and you sense that they are not truly impressed. You get that uncomfortable feeling in your gut, like this shouldn’t be happening. They’re not happy with your place, hospitality, the location, none of it. It’s a complete disaster. And in order to avoid a complete mental breakdown, you discard the unpleasant experience and put it under the ‘It’s not your fault tab’.

But what if we were to tell you that you can avoid these unpleasant experiences and actually pick the guests that stay in your Airbnb? You’d probably jump through the screen and give us a great big hug. And that’s what we’re aiming for. We’ve done our research and created a list of certified tactics that lures in the perfect guest. Not just any perfect guest, but the guest of your dreams. Someone just like you?

  • Create a Specific Environment

Let’s say you’d like families staying at your Airbnb all the time. They are your ideal audience because you feel security that your place won’t get trashed, unlike if you were to rent your place out to a crowd of  over-excited men celebrating a bachelor’s last night as a single guy.

So, how do you deter party animals and attract families? It’s easy. Create a living space that families would love to stay at. Make your Airbnb spacious and open, with lots of rooms and areas to sleep in. Make sure to add a crib, or if you really want to go all out, furnish an entire room for kids. Make sure you have a beautiful, fully operative kitchen that the entire family could use.

You attract guests through your offering. No bachelor is going to stay at an Airbnb that has a crib right smack in the living room. And that’s a fact. So make sure that your space represents what you really want. Put a lot of thought into creating a specific environment that is appealing to the guest of your dreams.

  • Express What You Want

It’s not wrong if you don’t like alcohol brought into your home. Or if you love peace and quiet in your home because you’re tutoring in the other room. Express what you want and need. It’s your Airbnb after all, and you want to attract the guests that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure to be specific in your listing about what you support and don’t support.

Although it may deter some guests from booking your unit, it is for the better, because if something you don’t list as desirable deters them off, you’re actually avoiding undesirable guests. This means, you’re avoiding unpleasant situations altogether, because you’re avoiding a potential conflict that would arise if your guest was to do something you don’t really allow in your Airbnb.

Airbnb is a business after all, and you want to keep those occupancy rates high throughout the year. However, welcoming everyone into your home, might not be the best long-term choice, since you’re always risking negative feedback from a guest who didn’t find your Airbnb suitable. Therefore, it’s best to pick your battles, in this case, choose your guests, and you’ll find that you won’t be lacking bookings at all.

  • List Appealing Sights

If you live near a popular tourist destination, and would love to attract tourists to your Airbnb, make sure to list sights that tourists would love to see. Think like a tourist. Heck, if it’s not working try to act like a tourist for a day.

If you really want to target a specific audience, make sure to know their interests and list that in your description. What you’re targeting isn’t that far, but you have to stand out in order to be seen. So, include everything that might be appealing to your desired audience.


Are there any special techniques you use to attract the right audience? Feel free to share!



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