Importing Your Airbnb Listings FAQ

Why do I have to connect my Airbnb account?

To import your Airbnb listings we need access to your Airbnb account to export information about your listing to setup your listings on our partner sites. We use state-of-the art encryption and only access your account when we export listing information and export your calendar links to ensure you do not get any double bookings while using our services, so your information is safe with us!


Can I use Short Term Stays without connecting my Airbnb account?

Sure! You can sign up using our property detail submission option.


I usually connect to Airbnb with Facebook or Google. How can I use Short Term Stays?

You’ll need an Airbnb login and password to import your Airbnb listings with Short Term Stays. It’s simple to create a password: here are instructions from Airbnb.

Don’t worry – you can still use Facebook to login directly to Airbnb and use your new login and password to connect your account on Short Term Stays. Email us at if you need help with this.


Why am I receiving an “Airbnb account login notification” email?

In your Airbnb settings, you can opt in to receiving security login email notifications when your account is accessed from a new server. We let Airbnb know that it’s our server logging in to export listings so they (and you!) know it’s not someone random. Our secure servers access your account with the following details:
Browser/Device: SFDC-Callout
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

This is for security purposes and if you do not want to receive these emails you can turn them off by logging into your Airbnb account, navigating to your security settings, and unchecking “Turn on login notifications”