Insider Tips on How to Turn a Home into an Airbnb


It takes a lot of thought and dedication to run an Airbnb, but it also takes a lot of imagination and hard work to turn a private living area into something you can proudly call an Airbnb. If you want to become an Airbnb superhost, you need to know all the little ins and outs of the business, which includes Airbnb-ing your home so that it’s attractive to travelers. Of course, you can simply list a spare room you have in your house, but how exactly would that draw in a potential guest?

It’s actually quite simple. Combine professionalism, knowledge, hospitality, cleanliness, and you’ll have a supreme unit that will no longer be just an extra, empty room in the house. We’re going to break it down for you, and give you a few pointers so you can Airbnb your home the right way.

  • Furnish with All Necessities

You’re furnishing an Airbnb, which means you’re furnishing a home. Therefore, you’re not allowed to just add a bed, a TV and a couch. That’s a big no-no. Although, you’re there to offer guests a comfortable night’s sleep, you’re actually trying to get your guests to fall in love with your place. And they can only do that by having everything at their disposal, that they would usually have if they were at their own home. So, think as a guest, a homeowner but primarily as an Airbnb host. That means, include everything that they might need, and make sure to have other necessities prepared if the need arises. And by this we mean things like an extra lap top, baby crib etc. You don’t need to clutter your unit with unnecessary furnishing, but you have to have everything from cutlery to extra bedding in order to turn your place into a true Airbnb.

  • Add Special Details

Every good Airbnb host is aware that it takes more than just a well-furnished unit to impress guests. You need to put your entire heart and soul into it, in order to make their experience truly memorable. But what’s going to make you really stand out are the little details. Distinct little details are key to turn a home into an Airbnb.

Whether it’s setting up convenient appliances around the home, being at your guest’s disposal at all times, or decorating the Airbnb environment with humorous or heart-warming decor, it all counts towards you creating the perfect Airbnb environment. It wouldn’t be a true Airbnb if you didn’t leave a few extra towels in the bathroom, warm blankets on the sofa, a welcoming message on the board in the hallway, a welcome basket full of home-made cookies. These are just little examples of what you can do, to create unique atmosphere that distinguishes a private living area from a professional Airbnb space.

  • Present Your Airbnb in the Right Way

When you’re setting up an Airbnb, it’s all about how you present yourself and the environment. It’s not just about showing hospitality, it’s more about how you conduct yourself and how you arrange the space that you’re renting out.

You can buy the most expensive furniture, and equip your unit with the latest technology, but if it’s not carefully presented, your investment will fall down the drain. You want your guests to walk in, and think they’ve walked into a luxurious resort, that looks like a work of art. That’s why you need to pay attention to the arrangement of furniture, color coordination, symmetry and the overall atmosphere.

Try to create a space where there’s plenty of room to walk and move around, don’t clump the furniture all together, make it look more open and spacious. Another thing you need to look out for is lighting. Make your space bright by placing the right lighting, and not blocking the windows with drapes.

  • Be as Fresh and Clean as Possible

An Airbnb isn’t just a regular home. It needs to be perfect. Spotless clean and looking like it came right out of a catalog. That’s why you need to pay special attention to cleanliness of your home. And for this, there are no excuses. Every single guest needs to walk into a pristine clean space, that smells wonderful and fresh, and is clean as it looks. No covering up dusty spaces with picture frames and books, and no cheating by using an air freshener in the bathroom.

Guests want to feel like they’re at home, right, but at the same time they want the standards of a hotel. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly clean up each and every room, top to bottom, after each guest checks out.

  • Give and You Shall Receive

We’re talking about two different things here. One relates to materialistic things. As we mentioned before, this can be either a welcome basket full of local treats, or a bottle of your best wine, or a cup of hot coffee waiting on the table when they arrive. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. You only have to show your willingness to give and do anything to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Then, there is the other kind of giving, which includes your time, generosity, and creativity. You actually need to be prepared to give them your time, be able to answer their questions and help them out in need, and most importantly, you need to let them know you’re available right from the start. Otherwise, you’ll just be the person who hands them the key, and your space will just be a room and not an Airbnb.


So, let’s summarize. Combine furnishing, decor, special touches, imagination, hospitality, professionalism, and you’ll create a lasting impression. Always keep in mind that you need to stand out, but at the same time keep up with standards of Airbnb hosting and eventually you’ll know how to get more Airbnb bookings and have a thriving rental property. Have you ever tried turning a private residence into an Airbnb, and if you have, how did you do it? Share some of your tips with us!




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