How to Use Instagram to Make Your Short-Term Rental Stand Out

Every entrepreneur who ventures into creating a sustainable business has to make a coalition with social media. It’s inevitable for every brand to be present in the digital world, no matter what industry it belongs to. This is a fact.

And if you’re thinking that the hospitality industry, primarily your short-term rental won’t benefit much from social media, we have to tell you the brutal truth: you’re wrong! If you were wondering how to get more Airbnb bookings or how to make money with Airbnb, the answer lies in Instagram.

This platform is, without any doubt, a very fruitful channel for advertising and marketing your second home, holiday rental or vacation home. In fact, not only does it help advertise and market your rental, it puts you on the map and exposes you to a much larger audience, thus opening doors for opportunities that were unimaginable.

Now, not everyone can afford to hire a professional marketing expert, and lucky for you, you don’t have to. We’re going to share tips from first hand, that will get you and your Airbnb started in the virtual world.

Research Your Hashtags

This is a two-step process, which involves minimal typing and analyzing, but you’ll get all the necessary results that will put your vacation rental on the map. If you were wondering how Airbnb hosts make money, those who are very successful at it start like this.

  1. The first step is to visit to get more information and knowledge about how to improve your social media and branding, by researching a given hashtag and seeing who’s using it, how and what tags are related to it.
  2. After you’ve got your first set of hashtags, visit It streamlines the process of finding suitable hashtags for the content you share and gives you insight into which tags are going to give you results, which not, and which are overused.

In addition, you get to see who the main influencers are and what they are posting using the same hashtags.

Balance Fun and Business

Followers are fed up of seeing promotional posts from your business. It’s okay to advertise your services and promotions, but don’t do it all the time, because nobody wants your brand in their face all the time. Give your followers some fun, inspiration, information, puzzles and interaction of any kind. Try to think outside of the box, and don’t think just like the owner of the company. Try to balance out the businessperson in you and the fun, relatable person who has understanding and compassion for people.

It’s good to know when to take off and when to put on your business hat. Here’s how we do it on our Instagram. Bare in mind that we promote our service, but also promote the basic ideas of the industry:

balancing fun and business instagram

Put a Face on the Brand

Now, it’s been discussed frequently online that a brand must have a face. Not necessarily literally, but people like when they can put a face on the brand. It’s simply because people need to feel safe and trust the host, but they can’t do this unless they see them. Post a few photos here and there of yourself.

Now, you don’t have to get really personal here and post selfies every other day.

What you can do is show them that you’re a human just like them (reminding them isn’t such a bad day in today’s day and age of digital communication), and post photographs of you at your workplace or with your previous guests.

Inspire Them

Try posting photographs that are relevant to both your future guests and your business, such as tips for using Airbnb and facts and motto of the industry.

If your aim is to provide genuine, relaxing, safe and comfortable stay for your guests, make sure to find a way and express it through photos. You can either show concrete examples of how you usually do it, or somehow highlight your goals and ideas about what you want to achieve as a host.

The guests will see so much more beyond the photos, they will see your character and intentions, and that’s what matters. They will be able to see what they can expect and what they are getting.

Try to inspire them to love and join the community of home sharing. Make them start wondering why they haven’t jumped on board even earlier. Usually, heart-warming and images presenting kindness, welcome and care to push the idea of home sharing. Just make sure to make it compelling and inspiring.

Share Experiences with Guests

What better way to show off your hosting experience and skills than by sharing the little details from your hosting endeavors. Maybe you had lunch with your guest, or took them out for sightseeing? Make sure to capture it and get their permission to post it on Instagram.

Take a photo of what you arranged to welcome your guests.

If they left you something on their departure, such as a goodbye or thank you note or something to remember them by, take a picture. Share it.

The more insight you give people into who you are as a host and the experiences you had so far, the more trust they will have in you and want to book with you.

Give them A Tour

This is obvious, yet, we can’t but not mention it. Make sure to take photographs of your unit. You can use your creativity to display your home, amenities, furniture, decor, the view, basically, every single detail that makes your home special.

And keep changing it up. Every time you change something in your unit, makes sure to share it with your followers, even if it is the color of your sheets or the new plant you put in the living room.

Interact and Engage

Some believe that following or engaging with your competitors isn’t a good thing, but on the contrary. Social media is all about engaging and networking with the people in the same industry, and showing that you are out there to spread the spirit of home sharing. So if you see something interesting, attractive and inspiring ask for permission to share.

You don’t want to be that lonely Instagram profile trying to make it by getting likes and follows, and selfishly keeping follows and likes for yourself.


Social media, especially Instagram is a powerful medium that not only introduces your rental property to a larger audience, but it gives you a chance to promote your business, ideas and goals, and support the home sharing world altogether. Take the marketing in your hands today, and there’s no doubt that your property will, day by day, gain popularity and all the benefits that come with it.

Feel free to visit our Instagram, if you need some inspiration! And if you’re craving more tips and tricks for marketing your rental property on Instagram, check out our blog post for the amazing Amy from The Abundant Host.

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