How to Become a Good Airbnb Host According to Guests

We would normally try to collect information and opinions from already established and successful Airbnb hosts and let them impair advice on how to become an Airbnb host that your guests dream about. In this endless discussion what’s necessary and what’s obsolete, hosts get confused and pressured into thinking they need all different and expensive knick-knacks to attract guests to their Airbnb. But this isn’t necessarily the case. As we shared on our Instagram, it’s not about the presentation, it’s about the experience.


This time, we tried to look at it from a different perspective.

We focused on the guest’s point of view. And what better way to find out what guests think a good Airbnb host should have then through their reviews. So, we scrolled through hundreds of reviews to see what all good hosts had income, and what really knocked guests off their feet. Let’s dive a little deeper into the subject and see exactly what you should be focusing on.

The words that kept repeating themselves were, comfortable, cozy, warm, spacious, welcoming, which triggered our thinking. Maybe it’s not in the fancy coffee machines and carefully picked out decor pieces?


This is the #1 most important factor that influenced every guest to give their host a positive review. Never have we seen a 5-star review when the house was messy. 90% of reviews we read through had guests raving about their host’s spotless clean home. So make sure that you clean up regularly after each guest, or hire a cleaning and preparation service if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

Also, it’s the little things that go a long way, like perfectly making the bed, or neatly arranging the pillows on the living room sofa.

 2. Comfort

Of course, comfort can be an individual thing. What’s comfortable for one guest might not be comfortable for another, but here we’re going to look at the bigger picture. What most of these reviews meant by comfort, is actually the vibe of the entire home. A comfy bed is great, but if you feel comfortable in the entire house, that’s a winner.

3. Quick Communication

Be there for your guests. Which doesn’t mean you have to be nosey and invade their privacy. But if they contact you, make sure to reply them as fast as you can. In essence, be available for them, and don’t take ages to answer their requests. If you communicate efficiently, guests will be content, after all, they aren’t going to stay on vacation forever.

4. Transportation Means

Not all Airbnbs are conveniently located in the center, which is obviously a big advantage. But it also helps if you let your guests know what kind of transportation they have and which line can take them downtown or near certain famous sights.

All guests are happy when they can quickly get a cab or know where to catch the bus. So don’t leave them hanging and wandering around.

5. Apartment As Described

The phrase that we saw in almost every Airbnb review. This seems to be crucial for travelers because they don’t like surprises. They want to see the home you listed on the website, in that exact same condition. And if it’s true to the images you provide, you’ll score so many brownie points.

6. Walkthrough of the Apartment

Some apartments and homes don’t need a lot of explaining, especially if it’s a one bedroom home. However, if you’re welcoming guests into a bigger home, it adds to their experience if you give them a mini tour. While you’re giving them the tour, make sure to indicate where certain light switches are, and how you operate certain machines. Let them know where they can store their luggage or clothes, and where they can find extra towels, blankets, toothbrushes and other necessities. Don’t be so sure that everyone is keen on opening every single drawer in someone’s house.

12549017_482987505207625_2875635674625053340_n7. Providing Directions to the Airbnb

This seemed to reoccur in many of the reviews and when you think about it, it makes sense. Most people who plan their trips, like to get the address where they are going and how to get there even before they go on their journey. It’s safe, responsible and definitely can contribute a lot to guests feeling less nervous and frustrated.

Imagine getting lost in an unknown city after hours and hours of driving or flying? Not a very pleasant experience, and hosts surely wouldn’t get to meet a happy guest. Make sure to connect with your guests and send those directions or a map that indicates exactly how they can get to their destinations. Help them also by giving them small pointers and access points, like names of streets, cafes and restaurants they will pass by.



These are some additional features that most successful Airbnb hosts seem to have in common. If you want to become a good Airbnb host, but do it by keeping the soul and basic idea behind the entire industry, here are some additional items that you should have in your Airbnb.


  • Paper Towels
  • Towels
  • Coffee
  • Stocked Fridge
  • Snacks
  • Power Adapter
  • Music
  • Toiletries




As you can see, we most guests didn’t talk about fancy designer furniture they saw in an apartment. Remember, the basic idea of sharing a home with someone is to make their experience in your area more personalize and warm. And at the same time, have them stay in a place that can be their temporary home sweet home. And these two major factors don’t require a big budget, just a big heart.


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      Thank you so much for the support. We’re happy when someone finds our advice and content valuable and useful.

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