Face a Bad Airbnb Review with a Good Attitude

 Face a Bad Airbnb ReviewWith a Good Attitude

In a world of business, where your potential financial prosperity depends on customer feedback, it can be heart-breaking getting a negative review that’s pretty much set in stone on your listing. And we’re not over exaggerating, trust us – the moment you spot a bad review that has been left on your airbnb listing, you feel angry and frustrated. The first thing you want to do is delete it. And then you want to get in an argument and justify yourself. And then maybe, just maybe, you stop to think. How can I be a good airbnb host and work this out?

We completely agree with the last point. STOP and think about it. Do you really think petty arguments do your business a favor? As we all know the answer to the question, let’s dive into the problem. If you meet face to face with a bad review, here are a few tips on how to handle it like a true professional, regain trust, and justify your reputation as the host extraordinaire.

  • Don’t Lose Your Cool

If you’re wondering how to be a good airbnb host, when you feel like you want to scream at someone, remember, whatever you do, don’t let your temper make business decisions for you. Unless temper is the name of your super professional manager, then yes. This is the time to show that you are a professional. Stay calm, don’t get angry and defensive, and be reasonable. Nobody wants to interact with an angry airbnb host who’s out of control. If you get in a public argument with your guest, and an intense one as well, you’ll not only lose that customer, but potential customers too. Once you cool a bit down and clear your head, you’ll be able to see things more clearly, and you’ll be able to communicate your thoughts properly.

  • Talk Through the Problem

One of the best ways to solve a problem is to prevent it through communication. A great way to avoid a bad review is by communicating regularly with your guest, answering their questions, and being there for them when necessary. If you’ve done all of this, and still you see a bad review, contact your guest. This is a must, if you want to solve a problem the right way. So many bad reviews actually happen due to the lack of communication between the host and the guest, or due to a misunderstanding. So, talk it out. See what went wrong. Don’t try to read minds and send angry messages. There might be a chance your guest changes their mind and their review if they talk the problem out with you.

  • Say That You’re Sorry

No matter what happened, you need to apologize for whatever made the customer unhappy. Identify what actually went wrong, and explain yourself. Assure them that this has never happened before, and that it’s the first and the last time it will happen. Airbnb host are humans after all, and are allowed to make mistakes. A lot less mistakes, but still. We suggest you stick to the parole ’The customer is always right’ when sending out your message of apology so that you don’t fall into temptation to try to prove you’re right.

  • Make a Plan for the Future

Okay, you have a bad review. But you’ve taken your time, stayed cool, and apologized. What next? Develop a clear-cut plan that will prevent these situations from happening at all. This is why we’ve stated over and over again in our blogs that communication is key. Communicate properly with your guest before he arrives, communicate during their stay and you won’t miss the signs of an unhappy customer.

  • Don’t be Hostile

Handling a bad review on airbnb can be very tricky, because it’s in the human nature to react one way, but for your business sake you have to react completely differently from your impulses. Stay professional at all times. Your correspondence with the client can go in the wrong direction with just one wrong word, so remain calm and put your business hat on and act like a business person. Don’t think with your emotions, rather think like an Airbnb host. You’re allowed to defend your position, but don’t get too caught up in an argument, which can happen in the heat of the moment. You’d be surprised how a polite and respectful conversation with a dissatisfied customer can influence the guest to change their mind and their review.

  • Do a Review of Your Own

Now, there are situations where you just have a mean or bored guest on your hands that wants to leave a bad review, just for fun. Although it sounds absurd, they are the type of guests that will leave a nasty comment simply because the color of the drapes didn’t match their taste. If the review itself is unreasonably negative, if there’s an option review the guest himself. It’s your chance to deal with the guest once and for all.

  • Work on Yourself

Some criticism can actually do you good. It can set off a chain of change and improvement, where you can try to work on what you’re missing or doing wrong. For example, you can work on your hosting skills, or at least a particular one. For example, if the client was unhappy because you were always late, try being on time. It’s the least you can do to show your hospitality.


Sometimes, the situation is out of your hands. You can show the perfect hosting skills, yet have a guest in your airbnb that has certain expectations that you simply can’t meet. The moral of the story is deal with bad reviews, don’t ignore them and don’t argue with them. It can set of an avalanche of negative responses by your guest that can put you in an even worse position that you thought you were in. Keep calm and airbnb on.

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