Essential Guide for Being an Airbnb Host

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People all over the world are catching on to the new trend of becoming an airbnb host. The concept of renting out homes or apartments to strangers obviously isn’t new, but we can’t deny that it has taken up a whole new dimension. You’re not just a landlord or person renting out, you’re a symbol of hospitality, reliability and entrepreneurship.

We can freely say that when you become an airbnb host or plan on being one, you’re entering a sort of culture. A culture with specific conduct, practices and understanding. If you acknowledge this, then you will better understand what it takes to be an expert airbnb host. If everyone could do it, then everyone would be dubbed the master of hosting, but that’s just not possible, right?

Check out our concise guide on what it takes to step into the world of hosting and be brilliant at it at the same time.

  • Communicate And Nurture the Bond With Guests

First of all, airbnb hosting is so much different from hotels. It offers you a certain kind of security, warmth, and hospitality that you can’t get in other types of accommodation. This is because, professionals in this industry communicate with their guests and tend to their needs so that they will have a wonderful experience with every stay.

Advice: Be responsive when it comes to answering inquires. This shows reliability. Keep the tone light and easy, yet professional. Try not to create any stressful situations that might make the guest feel uncomfortable. Remember, you’re not just contributing to the well-being of client, you’re contributing to the entire culture by maintaining the reputation of hosts being professional.

  • Full Disclosure at All Times

Be honest. At all times, no excuses. Your reputation and business depends on it. It’s a kind of industry that thrives on full disclosure. Why is this? If you’re upfront with your clients about your calendar, availability, pricing and so on, they will appreciate that. This is how a bond is formed between the client and the host, and this bond needs to be based on trust.

Advice: Regularly update all of your information, like the availability of rooms and pricing. Don’t try to manipulate the client if you don’t like their question. Honesty in the end leads to preventing bad reviews, and also any possible disputes you could have with your potential client.

  • Print Out a Map and Pin Important Places

Most of your guests will be strangers in that area, and while everyone usually does some pre-research to get to know the area where they are staying, as an airbnb host, you have to cover all your bases. Never avoid doing something because ’MOST’ people don’t need it.

Advice: This is a cool way to help your guests around the area. You can indicate popular restaurants, bars, bus stations, bus routes, or anything you’d like in order to make exploring easier for your clients. If you take the extra mile, and print out individual maps for each of the guests, you’ll get brownie points for sure!

  • Keep The House Polished Top to Bottom

To some, it might be absurd to remind a host to keep track of hygiene and cleanliness of the property. But, it’s extremely important for airbnb hosts to remember that cleanliness is one of the most important factors that influences your guest’s decision to come back and stay with you again.

Advice: Keep it clean at all times. The bathroom needs to be pristine clean and disinfected, and so do the kitchen supplies. All counter tops must be swiped clean, the sheets, pillow cases and towels should be changed regularly. If this takes up a lot of your time, there are always cleaning services that you can pay to do the job for you. But wait, there’s more. If that seems too costly, you can always set up a policy so that the guests pay a certain cleaning fee, of course, only if they agree to it.

  • Be a Little Extra

You’re probably reading this guide because you don’t want to be just any host. You want to be the perfect airbnb host that your guests will tell stories about for a long time to come. That’s why, you need to do your best to remain in their memory. How will your guests remember you? And what can you do to get them to come back to your renting property?

Advice: Go out of your way to decorate the place with a few, extra touches, like warm and cozy blankets, a stocked up fridge (beer and chocolates work like a charm), put mints on their pillows, roll up towels in a cute way. Also, if you already know through communicating with the guest what his needs are, try to surprise them with something you know they will surely need but haven’t yet asked for. As you can see, we think it’s really important to pay attention to details and listen carefully.

  • Privacy Is the Main Policy

We all love our privacy, and once someone tries to invade it, or oversteps boundaries, we automatically feel threatened and uncomfortable. The natural response is to run away. But don’t let this happen at your place.

Advice: There is a thin line between being at someone’s disposal and being utterly, stalking boring. Try to find this line and don’t cross it, ever. Respect the need for privacy, because some guests don’t like to give away too much. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try communicating when you feel like you should offer your service.



As much as becoming a host can seem intimidating, it’s a fun and wonderful journey to embark on. Following these guidelines, and trying to remain respectful of the industry and true to yourself, you’ll be on the road to become the host extraordinaire. Because we’re a part of the renting out community, we want you to succeed too. Because when one airbnb succeeds and proves that the industry is worth every penny, we all succeed.



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