Effective Ways to Attract Business Travelers to Your Airbnb


If you are the airbnb host that wants to target business travelers and get them to book regularly at your airbnb, then you’re in the right place because we got the best tips that will land you the desired clientele.

Targeting only one type of guests isn’t the dream task you’d want to do, especially if you’re a start-up Airbnb, that has to manage finances carefully. While welcoming all types of guests is an absolute must, you’re even more than welcome to strategize and get the most out of your airbnb. Not all airbnbs are attractive to the same type of clients. So, if you are the type of host that is located near an area where many national and international events take place, take advantage of the situation. Start targeting the right demographics for you, and you’ll see your airbnb flourish right in front of your eyes.

What Type of a Business Traveler Do You Want to Attract?

Before you rush into changing your complete strategy, this is a question you need to ask yourself. You have to consider the business type you want to attract, and narrow down your target. Are you conveniently located near a fashion industry epicenter, or right next to a tech convention center? Whatever you feel could work for your situation, do it. We strongly advise you do research before targeting a specific group and take multiple factors into consideration. When you make your decision, here’s what to do next.

There’s No Business Like WiFi Business

There’s no home without a WiFi. No home, no hotel, no airbnb. Business travelers especially can’t live without it, so make sure to have a stable internet connection, since they will spend most of their time answering e-mails through their computers, tablets and phones. Rest assured that no business traveler will dare stay in an airbnb without WiFi. But who would these days?

Polish Up Your Listing with the Right Touches

Your airbnb listing matters the most. How do you expect to draw in a certain type of a client, if you don’t present yourself in the right manner? Make sure that your listing gives the information that a business traveler would love to see. Specify the location of your place, and emphasize if you’re near a conference center or a busy business district. Do you have a stable internet connection or not? Is your airbnb a party central or a quiet place where they can rest from their busy work day?

Sneak Into the Business Waters

So, there’s a big business event coming up, and you know a lot of business travelers are going to need a place to stay. Why not reach out to the organizers, and ask them for a sort of a collaboration. Maybe they can share your listing to their potential visitors? And if not, you can still find out which hotels or rentals they do support, which then enables you to go out and find out what their rate is. This is when you get competitive.

Investigate the Pricing and Be Smart 

When there’s a conference in town, hotels are usually overbooked so they like to raise their prices. You want to go one-step ahead, and get competitive. Be really smart. This is the perfect timing to show that airbnb is perfect for business travelers, so play around with prices, once you see what your competition is doing. Airbnb is after all much more cost-effective for your guests, so take advantage of that and make sure that they see that.

You Need Instant Booking

Business travelers, no matter what industry they belong too, are always in a rush. Their meetings and conferences are planned ahead for months, but from time to time business meetings get set up in a matter of minutes, as well as cancelled in the same amount of time. Therefore, you need to be open for instant booking. Companies as well as business people don’t have a lot of time to book these types of travels in advance, so you might as well tend to their needs and be available to check them in at any time.

Think About Their Business Interests

Not only should you emphasize in your listing that you’re catering to certain needs of your targeted group, but you should also focus on letting them know that you have all the necessary information they need, and a little bit more than they expect, just to show that you really care.

Give your guest a list of industry specific places that could be of their interest, while they’re staying at your airbnb. Take a little time to get to know your city through the eyes of the specific industry, and then deliver the most brilliant service to your clients. It will surely give them an unforgettable airbnb experience.

Introduce Them to Local Treasures                         

If you’re targeting clients that are busy, and have no time to stick around all day, make sure to provide a list of all the local places where they can enjoy a delicious, quick meal. Business people are usually on the go, and need to get things done fast. Among those things are meals. They don’t have time to prepare a home-cooked meal, that’s why you need to provide them with the right locations where they can indulge their food cravings. If you want to be an airbnb superhost, make sure to make their experience easier by providing them everything they need, which means you should do the extra research, not your guests.

Create a Quiet Haven

Business travelers are usually out all day on meetings and conferences, so once they return to your airbnb, they will want to have some peace and quiet. That means no mess, no chaos no parties. Make sure that your rental property is quiet and provide all of your guest’s with a guide book to prevent any unwanted behavior that could disturb your clients. You obviously can’t choose to host both party maniac and business people at the same time, because in terms of business, it’s a decision that can harm your airbnb in the long term.


The trick is to get this specific targeted audience really comfortable and at tease. You are clearly targeting a different demographic, that has a different purpose of staying and a whole other set of needs to cater to. Keep that in mind at all times and use our tips to to build on your hospitality and make business travelers the staple of your renting property. Stick to these guidelines, and before you know it, companies will be flocking to your rental.

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