Decorating Tips for a Jaw Dropping Renting Property 


Do you want to create the most desirable rent out property? As a host listing and renting out properties, you need to think of every little detail from furnishing to decorating, because it can all affect the number of guests that decide to book with you. While we do agree that, the most important thing is to provide your visitors unsurpassed hospitality and make them feel like at home, why not WOW them at the same time and turn a great experience into an awesome one? You want your guests to walk into your property and immediately feel at ease, just like at home. But bear in mind, it’s the little things that make us feel happy and calm. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive leather couch, it usually is the warm little blanket on it. And it’s probably not a huge plasma screen TV, but the collection of movies left for you under it.

After all, if you can offer them the full-package, and then some more on top of that, you should jump to the opportunity and embrace it.

Who Are You Decorating For?

Before you go shopping and start picking out towels and mint chocolates, think about who you are actually decorating a rental property for. As we’ve mentioned in one of our previous posts, it’s best to have a target audience that you want to cater to. For instance, do you want to be the host to families with lots of children, or constant travelers, who don’t really have time to stick around and just need the commodities of a working and resting environment?

Business travelers usually need a workspace, with a stable Wi-Fi connection, possibly a printer, or a lap top at hand. Honestly, renting out your property essentials like Wi-Fi is literally impossible. Families who are staying at your property usually need multiple bedrooms, a crib, washer and drier and kitchen supplies. If your guests are usually family people, try to make your space feel a little bit warmer, with subtle touches like pillows, blankets, family movies, a crib etc. Once you’ve decided who your primary target is, follow these interior décor ideas in order to lure in more guests and keep them coming back for more.

Maintain a Crispy Clean, Clutter-Free Bathroom

You want your guests to feel clean and safe, especially when they walk into a bathroom. Try to keep the bathroom counter clean without too many toiletries lying around. Place all of the other necessities like towels, tissues, hair dryer, disposable razors in a storage area. The point is to have everything at hand ready for them to use, but not right in front of their eyes. De-cluttering the space will make the room breathe, and your guests feel calm.

Add Mirrors for More Space

Yes, we know that technically you’re not getting more space. But placing mirrors in tactical places, such as next to windows, will give you an advantage you can’t get with any other decorating tricks. If you place a huge mirror next to the source of natural light, you’ll get more light reflecting on your home, plus mirrors make every room look more spacious than it actually is. This is one of those interior ideas perfect for those renting properties that are small but still want their guests to feel comfortable and not trapped.

Everyone Needs an Outlet From Time to Time

From a professional point of view, it’s a complete nightmare if you don’t have enough power outlets in your place, especially if you’re renting out the place to numerous people. Outlets, extra chargers, extension cords should be at their disposal at all times. There’s no bigger frustration then the lack of outlets especially if you need to charge multiple phones, lap tops or plug in a hair drier. Imagine having to go through an entire business call sitting down next to a power outlet, due to the lack of an extension cord?

Upscale the Room with Flowers

No matter who your target guests are, everyone wants to walk into a fresh, decadent space. Flowers as décor give any space that perfect homey feeling. If you want your space to look fresh and clean, try using orchids.

Pay Special Attention to the Beds

When you think about it, the overall goal of each guest is to have a good night’s rest. There are various bedroom interior design ideas you can go for, but it all comes down to having a beautiful, cozy and large bed. However you decide to decorate your place, don’t forget that the beds are the most important thing. Our advice is never make the mistake of getting a small bed. There’s nothing more inviting than a gorgeous, big mattress, with a beautifully designed headboard and sheets that invite you to immediately sneak in and take a nap. If your guests wake up with a stiff neck, rest assured that they’re never coming back again.

Wood and Fabrics Are Your Friends

Okay, so you’ve pretty much furnished your entire renting property, but it just seems a little bit too plain. Designers believe that using natural woods in décor and furnishing, as well as utilizing different kinds of fabrics can bring life to any room, no matter how plain it is. A couple of pillows and blankets here and there won’t empty out your wallet, but will make your place look outstandingly put together.

Presentation Is Key

While it’s good to be equipped with all kinds of gadgets and knick-knacks, it’s even better if you presented in a way that makes your home look like it came right out of a magazine. There are little things that you can do, which won’t clean out your pockets to much, that will make your home seem like it’s been furnished by professionals.

For example, fold your towels perfectly and place a bar of soap on top. A simple mint chocolate on the pillow also brings out a smile. Try placing things around the space symmetrically, mixing the right colors in order to get the right effect. The reaction you are looking for is: ‘WOW!’


And there you have it, little tricks for decorating rental property. So, next time you grab your wallet and go décor shopping, remember that it’s all in the details. Do you have any special decorating tips of your own? How did you spruce up your renting property?


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