Cleaning Check-List

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 All toilets, sinks, counters, tubs & showers are thoroughly washed, disinfected & wiped down.
 Toilet seat and cover left closed after clean. Double check for urine stains at the end of each clean.
 All bathroom towel sets are white and changed each clean based on number of guests.
 All mirrors, faucets, chrome and ceiling vents are dusted, cleaned & shined.
 The floor is vacuumed and mopped.
 All trash is disposed of & fresh trash bags put in place.
 If there is an existing roll of toilet paper on the toilet paper holder, fold the edge in a triangle. If not, place a full roll on the toilet paper holder & fold the edge.
 2 full rolls of toilet paper are left under the sink each clean.
 1 Kleenex box is left under the sink each clean.
 1 bottle labelled ‘soap’ should be refilled to the top each clean and placed on the right side of the sink faucet.
 The 3 toiletry bottles labelled body wash, lotion and shampoo should be refilled to the top each clean:The body wash and shampoo should be stored on the bathtub ledge. The lotion should be place to the left of the sink faucet.
 Look up to ensure there are no items left on top of the cabinets above bathroom mirror.

Is there a First Aid Kit underneath the sink?

If there is No first Aid Kit, has it been replaced? (replacement items can be found in the locker)

Are all light bulbs are working?

Does the toilet flush properly without any issues?

Is the water draining freely from the tub and sink drains?


 All Flooring is swept, mopped and vacuumed, including corners.
 All dishes in the cupboards, sink & dishwasher cleaned, dry and put away. Dishwasher should always be left empty.

 All appliances (Fridge, Microwave, Stove & Oven) & kitchen surfaces are wiped down, cleaned & sanitized.
 Oven should be cleaned and wiped out. There should be no crumbs or spilled food residue left inside.
 Throw out all food items left on the counter, in the fridge, or freezer by the guests. No food or other food items left by the guest should be left in the unit. The only items that should be left in the cupboard and refilled are the clear jars labelled: Coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, oil.
 The refillable spray bottle marked ‘Multi Purpose Cleaner’ should be refilled to the black line each clean and is only for guest use.
 The refillable dish soap bottle should be refilled to the black line each clean and is only for guest use.
 There should be 5 dishwasher tablets stored under the kitchen sink in the container marked ‘Dishwasher tablets’.

Is all required cutlery & dishware in the kitchen? If you select NO, report what items are missing below. (The number of each required item is located on the inside edge of the cutlery drawer)

Big Plates
Small Plates
Big Forks
Small Forks
Big Spoons
Small Spoons
Drinking Glasses
Wine Glasses

Was all the missing cutlery & dishware replaced immediately?
All extra cutlery & Dishware can be found in the storage locker. If the items are NOT in the storage locker, indicate what was not replaced below:

 Wipe off all small appliances (kettle, toaster, coffee maker). These should be stored in the cupboard above the microwave.
Are all small appliances located in the cupboard above the microwave? If you select NO, select all missing items below


 All linens are changed & beds are made with white sheets.
 All windows, window sills & window ledges are wiped down, dust free & shined.
 All furniture is dusted & cleaned.
 1 kleenex box should be left on the bedside table.
 The air mattress bin and additional pillows are in the closet.
 Ensure all additional pillows inside the closet are covered with a clean pillow protector.

Does the Air Mattress Bins contain all items listed on the inside cover of the bin? If you select NO, report which items are missing below

 Additional towels should be neatly folded in sets of 2 or 4 and placed on the corner of the bed.

 Dust and check inside the bedside table to ensure it it empty.

Do the blinds open & close freely? If you selected NO, explain the issue below


 Dining table is wiped off and cleaned completely (no crumbs or spills) and table is set for 2 guests
 Chairs are tucked neatly under the table.
 All Flooring is swept, mopped and vacuumed.


 All Flooring (wood & carpet) is swept, mopped and vacuumed.
 Sofa bed is vacuumed and pillows are placed to the side. The storage section should also be vacuumed and wiped.
 Ensure blinds are left closed.
 Ensure the balcony is clear of any cigarette butts and garbage.

Is Apple TV box & silver remote present? If YES, Place both TV remotes together to the right of the TV on top of the TV stand (Big black remote & small silver remote). Excluding Room Codes 20320,36486,42223.

Pull out the Sofa bed to ensure it is working. If it is not working,select NO and explain the issue below


 Ensure the Washer & Dryer are empty.
Are the Washer & Dryer signs on each of the appliances?


 Only hangers & the Vacuum should be in the closet.
Is the Vacuum working?


 Remove scuff marks on the walls with vim.
 Turn off the thermostat before leaving.

The unit is clear of all guest personal items? If NO, explain what items were left behind below

The unit is free of all there general issues? If NO, explain the issue below: