Airbnb Interior: Tips for the Best First Impression


Airbnb hosts know the importance of interior design, which includes decor, furnishing, colors, coordination etc. It determines the atmosphere of your Airbnb, the way your listing is going to look like, as well as the number of bookings you’re ultimately going to have. And you do want a high occupancy rate and an Airbnb that makes your guests feel like they’re in heaven, right? Let’s cut right to the chase. The goal of your interior design is to, right from the start, ATTACK the guest, and make them not want to scroll through pictures of other Airbnbs. Not aggressively of course, but attack them with your welcoming and warm touches and your carefully planned out furnishing and set up. You want your guest to zoom in on your picture, lean back on their chairs and say: ’Wow, this is it.’ Picking out the perfect Airbnb is sort of like love at first sight. Once you find the right match, nothing can break you apart. To seal the deal, as they say, you want that first impression to be the glue that holds the bond. From the moment they step into their rented Airbnb they need to feel it’s right. So, how do you Airbnb your place and make a good first impression by relying on just interior design? Let us help! We’ve been experimenting and testing out what works best, and after so many guests and guests behind us, we’ve figured out tips for using Airbnb interior design to deliver the right message.

  • The Entry to Home

It should be nothing short of perfect. While your guests are approaching their room, they have certain expectations. And during that walk towards the door all they can do is stare at the door. So why not make it at least a bit heart-warming for them. Always start from the door. Make sure they’re clean and work properly. Lay a doormat in front with a welcoming message that will soften up your guests even before they walk into their unit. It can be a simple ’Home Sweet Home’, ’Welcome’ or if you’re more into creating the mood with humor, go ahead, do it! But make sure you’re already being hospitable even before you turn that door lock.

  • Make it Smell Like Home

Every home has a particular smell. But what about your Airbnb? Is it going to smell like a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies? A warm cup of peppermint tea? Or do you want to be neutral and simply rely on the power of a cute bowl of potpourri? Whatever your choice is, it’s right. It all depends on your target audience. If you’re targeting families and senior couples, no doubt that they will love the smell of fresh cookies. Especially if you baked them. But, most clients prefer to walk into a fresh, gently scented home. This is a symbol of cleanliness. Therefore, as soon as they open the door, smile at your welcoming doormat, you want them to feel the fresh breeze coming from inside the Airbnb, showing them in, into their clean and peaceful oasis.

  • With Hall Furniture, Less is More

You don’t want your guest to open the door, and then stumble upon a coffee table or a hanger then they have to maneuver around in order to get into the Airbnb itself? Now, that wouldn’t work would it? So, try to keep less furniture around in the hallway and only place a few necessary essentials, like a coat hanger and an umbrella holder. Otherwise, you’ll create a clutter that from the start will create an impression that your unit is small and cluttered, which is not exactly the dream of any guest.

  • Focus on the Wall Art

What I like to do is decorate my walls. There’s no better way to make a great first impression than with art. When guests open the doors they should immediately spot a picture on the wall that’s going to mean something to them and subtly tell them how they should feel in your home. For instance, hang a humorous painting on the wall and you’ll have guests smiling from the moment they walk into your Airbnb. You’ll create a happy and carefree atmosphere, where they can have fun, enjoy and laugh without any sort of pressure, in other words, they will feel just like home. Other neat thing you can do is have a chalkboard or a white board set up with personal welcome messages or instruction for Wi-Fi for example. That way you can change around your message and personalize it with each guest that comes into your Airbnb, adding special touches that will give an extra boost to that first impression.

  • Lighting is Everything

There’s just something about light spaces that make you feel like you’re home. It makes you feel safe, inspired and at ease. And entrances and halls aren’t exactly the brightest spaces of all, if you know what I mean. But there’s something you can do about it. Here are the two things we find to be the saviors of dark spaces: mirrors and light fixtures. The latter seems quite obvious doesn’t  it? But, it’s important not to overdo it with a chandelier that’s going to take up the entire hall. You don’t want your guests to feel like they are display stands, you just want a warm, cozy lamp lighting up their way into their new, short-term home. Oh, and as far as the mirrors are concerned, they are every interior decorator’s sidekick.

They are, for one thing, necessary because everyone loves to look at himself or herself before they go out of the house, and gussy up a bit. And from a design point of view, if placed tactically, they can reflect the light from other room into the hallway, and make the space look a lot bigger.


These are the five most important hints you need to know in order to make your hallways a great preface to an outstanding Airbnb unit. If you’re striving to become an Airbnb host, what do you depend on to make your design speak for you?

One thought on “Airbnb Interior: Tips for the Best First Impression

  • These are some great tips. As an Airbnb host myself, I always try to pay a lot of attention onto the decor, even from season to season, or from holiday to holiday. Guests really see the difference. And heck, when you want to become an Airbnb host, you need to pay attention to the details.

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