Airbnb Hosts – We Know How You Can Let Off Some Steam


Hosting an Airbnb is a job like any other. And the reason we say this upfront, is simply due to the common misunderstanding that hosting an Airbnb is a piece of cake. Although it might be a wonderful piece of cake, it’s definitely not easy. Like with any other job you might do, you can get frustrated, tired, and experience host fatigue. It’s not a rare situation, especially if you’ve dedicated your entire time to becoming the best Airbnb host you can be.

Let’s take a look at the usual scenario: You get started and you want your booking rates to skyrocket. Then you work hard, day and night to achieve that. Once you do, you have guests going in and out of your home, every day or every other day, and you’re living the life of their host, and not your own life. You get so caught up in managing the finances and administration, showing hospitality to guests, being there for them, keeping up the cleanliness of your unit that you forget about taking some time for yourself. Pretty soon you get tired, and the job you love so much becomes annoying or even more tiring.

But, this doesn’t have to happen, and we know just how. Let’s get you back on track. As we once said, a happy host makes for a happy guest.

  • Skip a Few Back-to-Back Bookings

While a high occupancy rate at all times must sound amazing to you, and definitely more fruitful for your personal financial situation, it’s not good for your hosting ’’mind’’. The more bookings you have, and the more you put yourself out in the market, the more work you’ll have to do. Which is, we repeat great, but just once you should stop with the hard work, and skip a few openings in the market, especially if you’re feeling frustrated, sad and overworked. And ultimately, fatigue takes away from your productivity.

Yes, it might not get you the money you want, but it will give you the necessary time to get yourself together, and become energized and inspired. If you’re tired, you’re bound to make a few mistakes here and there, and in such terms, your Airbnb wouldn’t benefit, right? Take one night off, and shut your brain off. Don’t think about guests, linens or the stuff you’re going to put in your welcome basket. Take the deserved time off, and tomorrow morning is going to be a better and more productive day.

  • Take the Minimalist Approach

And we don’t mean with the interior. We’re talking about your performance. It has been said that taking your hosting too seriously can actually tire you out and cause more worries and troubles. Therefore try optimizing your performance as a host by taking it down a notch. This refers to your expectations and the guest’s expectations. The less you put yourself out there, the better. Don’t take away from your hospitality but find an approach that is going to burden you less as well as cost you less. It can be simple, if you really want it to be. And don’t worry you won’t be a bad host.

  • Share Your Duties

As much as it sounds great becoming an Airbnb superhost and doing it all on your own, going from the bottom to the top by hard work and dedication, there’s no need to push yourself endlessly. Make  someone else wear the weight of your tiredness and share your duties.

Use a service that manages your calendar, sets your pricing,  does the billing for you. You can also hire a an Airbnb cleaning service, so you don’t have to be cleaning Airbnbs the entire day. Why not even hire someone who’ll be there from time to time to do the hosting himself? Let off some steam by letting someone else participate in your super hosting. If you want to become a good Airbnb host, you have to learn to take care of yourself too.

  • Find Time to Exercise

Although this might not be specific to relieving Airbnb host fatigue, it works wonders if you don’t want to get into a bad place often. Insert exercise, yoga or any kind of activity into your regular schedule and you’ll see an improvement in your every day hosting life. It might be tiring physically, but mentally, you’ll be on top of your Airbnb game. You’ll be more motivated and happy, because exercising simply works like that.

  • Change the Roles

Why not trying to be the guest for a change? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were to pamper you? Take a weekend off, and go on a mini vacation. You can stay at another Airbnb or a hotel but whatever it is, don’t think like a host, don’t act like a host and don’t be the host! While you’re getting pampered, you’ll also get a chance to see how other hosts handle their business. You’ll get to experience their hospitality, and see how they manage their business. Who knows, you might even learn a few things here and there, and exchange valuable experiences. But most of all, you’ll get time off that you really need in order to get back on track and improve your hosting game.

  • Welcome Humor in Your Life

This last one is probably our favorite. Laughter is the key to happiness. Not only does it change your mood and make you have fun, you also feel less tired when you’re laughing. So why not put some humor into your Airbnb, and instead of taking your job dead serious, put a smile on your and your guest’s faces. Remember, laughter is the ultimate cure for everything, and especially fatigue.


How do you handle stress that arises from hosting an Airbnb continuously? Do you take the deserved time off or do you implemented your own tactics on a day to day basis to prevent host fatigue altogether? Let us know in the comments below!

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