Airbnb Balancing Sustainability and Soul


Many of Airbnb users, both hosts and guests are going out on the limb claiming that just like many other major companies in various different industries, Airbnb has gone power mad. In fact, the claims go as far as saying that the entire sharing economy has lost its soul and that it will crumble down or turn into something unrecognizable. But we wanted to shed light on the idea that maybe Airbnb still has soul, but has given individuals a chance to make a living doing what they love to do.

Does the ability to get the most financial freedom and enhance your income through hosting on several platforms immediately exclude the possibility of being hospitable? The idea itself seems quite limiting. It would imply that humans of the 21st century, who are chasing after their careers and better lives, automatically have no soul. There are people out there who are truly passionate about what they do and want to be good at their business, and there’s no shame in that. Are we supposed to make an assumption that passionate entrepreneurs have no soul and don’t know how to personalize their guests’ experiences? We all know that’s not true, and we all need a bit of reminding of that.

Economics Equal Sustainability

The main idea is that the economics have to work in order for sustainability. Hosts need to focus on profits to maintain their lively hood and continue hosting. Meaning, you have to do business to stay in business. There might not be a universal agreement that sustainability is the key to survival, but it’s definitely desirable to avoid premature ’death’ of your hospitality adventure.

Let’s ask ourselves the question, how are Airbnb users, and other short term rental or vacation home owners able to stay in the industry if they don’t put their business hat on? We found firm believers in the same opinion in TGN Property Management. The company loves AirBNB because you get the chance to meet so many new people from all over the world.  Plus, AirBNB is an amazing company to work with!

Does Business Exclude Hospitality?

Although home owners are beginning to rely on hosting services to get more bookings and reach out to people who are looking for the type of accommodation they’re offering, this doesn’t disable them from being there on the spot when guests arrive. You’re still in control of the main process. How you welcome and treat your guests, and how willing you are to really be a part of their experience.

Of course, that’s if a guest really wants that. Some guests are just looking for cheaper prices on rooms or homes. They like staying in a home and having the atmosphere of being in their own home, without actually wanting to be too personal with the host. It’s all a thing of preference.

Who are we to determine how hospitable someone is going to be? Is there a scale that all hosting services and platforms can use to determine who has enough soul to remain in this industry?

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

What about the great Airbnb love story we read about, where strangers met and love was born on the doorstep of an eager owner? And the story of two hosts who went out of their way to make reservations for their guests in Paris? There are so many authentic and wonderful experiences from hosts, who have their hands full, but still get a chance to show each guest the time of their lives.

Overall, the home sharing industry is a great way for the millennials to travel today and experience new countries, meet new people and help cultures blend together. These experiences might not be the picture of a smiling lady shaking your hand at the door, but there are still plenty of hosts out there who do provide an authentic experience, in their own way. As in any other big business, we just have to set priorities and learn to choose wisely.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make more profit. Both guests and hosts get a chance to pinch a few pennies, but at the same time still exchange their stories. Whether its hosting skills or business skills or the both combined, we’re definitely supporters of both. As long as it’s backed up with a lot of love, passion, and soul.


TGN is a Los Angeles property management company specializing in residential and commercial property management.  Their focus is single family residences (houses and condominiums) but one of their favorite facets of management is AirBNB vacation rentals.
If you are not in the Los Angeles property management world, then you might not know that the city of Los Angeles is trying to outlaw owners for using AirBNB more than 90 days per year.  TGN Property Management is a firm believer that any property owner should be able to do whatever they want to do with THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY. Their goal is to change the world of renting in California.  The laws are all written to protect the tenants giving the landlords very little recourse to do anything! For the latest in Los Angeles real estate and Los Angeles Property Management news, trends and tools, make sure to stay connected with their blog.

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