Quick Ways to Nip Complaints in the Bud


Complaints are not good for your business, but we all know that it’s quite obvious. We’ve thought long and hard, and collected tricks and tips from our own negative experiences in order to write this post. We’re not stating that complaints will completely ruin your business. If you keep them on the minimum and under control, they won’t make a huge impact. Although we’ve already discussed and suggested a few solutions on how to handle bad airbnb reviews, we’re going to go one step back this time.

Today, we want to focus on nipping client’s complains in the bud, meaning stop them from happening altogether. It’s best to prevent a problem from arising then having to deal with it and waste your time and energy on repairing your relationship with the current client, and maintaining your pristine reputation. Here are a few quick ways to keep your guests happy, and maybe, but just maybe, give airbnb hosts a good name.

  • Be Real and Honest

The most important thing when you’re trying to be a good airbnb host is to form a bond with your guest that is based on trust. A trustworthy airbnb host always tells the truth and nothing but the truth. By keeping it real, and being upfront about your home and your standards, you’re setting up clear expectations for your client.

For example, if something is broke tell them. If you don’t have a certain service that they require, let them know ahead of time. Although they maybe won’t like that you don’t live up to their standards, they will appreciate you being open and honest, which usually nips one type of complains in the bud.

  • Communicate the Pricing Details Right Away

If your listing provides all the necessary pricing details, and you communicate with the guest pre-arrival about all the expected costs, there’s less room for dramatic complaints. Certain prospects tend to go bargain hunting, and once they aren’t satisfied with their hunt, try to file a complaint. This is why you need to cover your bases upfront. If you stick to the price on your listing, or the price that you’ve agreed on, there’s no realistic ground for a complaint. Another great tip is to explain what each fee is intended for if necessary. For example, if you charge an extra cleaning fee, make sure to tell them that.

  • Promptly Tell Your Client Bad News

Informing your guests that something unexpected has happened isn’t a pleasant experience, especially if the news aren’t good. But the more you stall on informing them, the higher the chance is that they will be frustrated and complain. When new information comes to light, and you can’t stick to the previously organized arrangement with the guest, inform them immediately so you can work on finding the solution together.

  • Handle Complaints Quickly

So, some complaints will arise from time to time, no matter how good of an airbnb host you are. But, when they do arise it’s important to diffuse them. Listen to your client, and let him or her know that you completely understand where their frustration is coming from. This will immediately make them feel more at ease, because they will feel like that they have someone they can confide in and depend on. Now, if you can work on the solution together, do it, but if you don’t have an adequate solution to propose, let your client know at the moment you’re receiving the complaint. This way the complaint won’t escalate into a big problem.

  • Provide a Fast and Efficient Service

Most complaints come from guest’s dissatisfaction or frustration about the lack of attention from the host. Think about it this way, your guest has called you but you ignored the call or didn’t answer back in a timely manner. But the guest needed something resolved urgently, yet you weren’t at their disposal like you promised you’d be. Or, they require a certain service to be done, but it takes your staff forever to do it.

These are not qualities of a super airbnb host. In the future, try to provide a fast and efficient service. Answer the calls, and handle request immediately if possible. Don’t make your guests wait too long.

  • Keep Your Airbnb Clean

A clean airbnb is one of the most important factors that influences happiness and satisfaction of every client. Nurture your airbnb home in such a way that your client couldn’t complain even if he wanted to.  If you can stick to the image you posted of your airbnb on the listing, then you’ve got no worries. If your house is spotless on the photographs you provided to your potential clients, it should be spotless when they arrive to your airbnb. If, for some odd reason, you listed a dirty home and showed clear evidence of it being messy, and a client books the unit, they have no ground to complain since it’s what you actually listed publicly as an offer which they accepted.

  • Give Them a Chance to Express Their Discomfort

Don’t try to shush your guests. Sometimes they need to express their discomfort about certain things, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Once they do state what’s bothering them, it’s like they’re giving you a chance to work on it. Don’t miss a chance to listen to your guest if they want to talk to you about something that they don’t like.


Handling complaints or stopping them before they even occur is a great way to gain respect and still maintain a good host-guest relationship. It’s a fact that trust and respect needs to be earned, and you want to earn these if you want to belong to the airbnb culture. A good airbnb host will not only handle complaints, but learn from them and upgrade the entire experience so that reasons for complaints never exist again.

How do you handle complaints? Do you sweep them under the carpet, shy away from there or treat them like a new challenge? Let us know it the comments down below!

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