8 Items Each Dependable Airbnb Should Have


It’s pretty common to forget things while striving to become the best airbnb host ever. There are a million things on your mind, which need to be set in motion, and done perfectly, yet, you’re only human, and from time to time you forget to do something. In the eyes of some guests, you might come off as irresponsible and unreliable, although it might just happen once. We wan’t to prevent this from happening to you.

While it is completely understandable, there are certain items that you can’t forget to have in your airbnb. Ever. They are must-haves, especially because you’re a host to travelers and guests who carry a lot of luggage and usually tend to forget something. Yes, your guests are allowed to forget, but you’re not.

Score some extra points with your guest, by always having the following items in your airbnb. You will thank us later for it.

  • Charger

Oh, the desperation when guests realize that their phone charger is missing. It’s the most frustrating thing that can happen while traveling, since you can’t just go out and easily borrow one from your friend or neighbor. That’s why you as the host need to keep a few extra chargers around for your forgetful guests. Nobody can function properly these days without their mobile device, and since communication is one of the most important aspects of every airbnb, don’t let anything block that communication. Put yourselves in their shoes. How would you feel, far away from home, and not being able to call or text anyone?

*Quick Tip* Print out a list of items that you have prepared for them. If you have Wi-Fi, put it on paper. If you have prepared make-up remover, make sure to put it on paper too. So before your guest goes berserk in search for a charger, let them know that they have one at their disposal at all times. You will spare yourself a lot of unnecessary panic and unpleasantness.

2) Basic Toiletries

You must be thinking, well, everyone brings their own right? You can’t know what kind of a toothpaste your guest needs, or the shampoo and conditioner they use, but that doesn’t really matter in this entire story. The point is that, we USUALLY forget something. Whether it’s toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, but one of these somehow sneaks out of the luggage when we’re not looking. Because we know how sneaky toiletries can be, make sure to stock up on basic hygiene products and your guests will appreciate it.

*Quick Tip* Always have a spare toothbrush, disposable razor and towels ready for your guests to use.

3) A Good-old Map

If you’re hosting guests who are first-timers in your area, make sure to make the experience really comfortable for them. Assuming that they don’t know the area, and that they will likely get lost if they try to wonder around alone, you should provide a few essential directions for them. Why not provide a good old-fashioned map? Yes, Google Maps works too, but sometimes the battery on your phone dies, and you can’t really catch good Wi-Fi, so Google Maps should be the second best option.

*Quick Tip* Mark certain places on the map, like specific areas of interest (if you took the time to get to know the guest’s purpose of staying), restaurants, bars, Wi-Fi hotspots or bus stations. Every guest will find it extremely useful.

4) Appropriate Clothing

And no, we don’t mean a longer skirt and a tie, so that you’re appropriately dressed for formal events. We’re talking about clothing and accessories that are typically used in the climate of your Airbnb’s location. If you live in an extremely hot and sunny area, why not provide a hat or sunscreen for your guests. Or have a couple of spare umbrellas ready so when your guest’s are surprised by pouring rain, they’ll have a solution right at the palm of their hands. Play it safe, because most likely, you’re not the weather man and you can’t predict what tomorrow will bring.

5) First-Aid Kit

Because what’s more important than having a happy and healthy client on board? God forbid that your guest gets hurt or sick and you can’t help them. That’s why you need to leave a first-aid kit ready for situations like this.

*Quick Tip* A first-aid kit is another useful thing to put on the list of essentials you have prepared for your guests.

6) Dictionary

While trying to get your guests to fall in love with your area and your airbnb, why not help them understand you better by leaving a dictionary in their unit. This can come in handy, especially, if the majority of your guests come from abroad. They might not understand your culture, but you can help them understand your language better and get around town a lot easier.

7) Extra Blankets

This one thing may never slip of your mind. No matter what climate you live in, a spare blanket can save your life. Your guest might be cold, wants to chill on the couch and take a nap but they can’t do that without extra blankets. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing a warm, fluffy blanket lying at the edge of the sofa? It simply screams HOME.

8) Snacks and Water

Don’t forget that your guests are travelers after all, and once they get settled in, they will probably be hungry and thirsty. So, in order to satisfy their urges for at least a little while, have a few snacks prepared for them in the kitchen, so they can munch on them while getting ready to cook their own meal or go out to a local restaurant. A happy tummy makes for a happy guest.

These are just some tips we’ve picked up along the way. What do you consider the must-haves at your airbnb? Every good airbnb host has their must-haves, so we’d like to know yours.

7 thoughts on “8 Items Each Dependable Airbnb Should Have

  • hey!
    found you suggestions absolutely appropriate….
    and when they need to wash clothes they also need washing soap and softner…
    and when there are mosquitos (like here in Brazil) you have to provide bugspray and all kind of repellants
    and since there is a swimming pool in the building: beach towels and sunscreen
    …..and so it goes…
    now all of this wouldn’t increase my expenses? and if you put it down on paper you’ll see its not just a little money..
    so how should I transfer that into my fee???

    I’ll appreciate some help on this subject!

    • We have clients that charge a security deposit and use it for incidentals as well. So you make all the items available with a price label (bug spray, repellents & sunscreen) but only charge the guest if they use it. After the guest checks out you review what they used and deduct the price of the items from the security deposit. You are providing the guest the convenience of having these essential items without incurring the cost. Win-Win. For washing clothes some of our clients provide small bottles of detergent for one use only, so they are not over used. If the guest is staying for a long time they can buy their own detergent. The key idea is convenience for try guest without hurting your bottom line. Is this something you can consider doing?

  • I like to provide a laminated map of the city on which I can write (using a washable marker) to indicate certain points of interest. I also have a printed copy of a map of just my immediate neighborhood, also laminated, that people can use if they just want to go for a walk or a run.

    • Thank you for this info.. i didnt know how to do this selective charging system…i do wish to provide all that a renter may need but to charge them only if they use it. like not all guests wish to cook, but if they do want to, i provide a butane stove they can use.. but the butane they have to pay for..
      also, i dont want to charge cleaning fee, but if they leave the place really messy, like dishes, pots and pans in the sink, or held a party, rearranged furniture without putting them back.. etc.. i sure would like to charge them cleaning fee.. some guests are messy, some are neat.. so i only charge what needs to be charged.

  • Hi,
    I have printed a (huge) version of a local map and stuck it on a wall. Before a guest checks out I supply small post-ts so they can write on it and stick locations on the map they would like to share with other guest, I have a notepad for that as well. I can remove the post-its if I feel they are location worth sharing 😉

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