7 Ways to Create a Killer Airbnb Listing


It’s time to roll up your sleeves, put your thinking cap on and start shooting for the stars. In this case, we’re starting from the basics, and that’s your airbnb listing. Did you ever wondered what makes an airbnb listing incredible?

If you have a killer airbnb listing, everyone scrolling through in search for their perfect short-term rental is going to stop and immediately consider booking a night or two. But, what constitutes an amazing listing? Is it the photos? The information? The tone? Let’s take a deeper look into what makes a great airbnb listing so you can have the listing of your dreams, that will keep guests rolling in.


  • Stand Out with a Title that Stands Out

Since we’ve already mentioned that your listing is critical in order to be successful, let’s start from the very beginning. The title itself holds a lot of power. Write a poor sounding title, and you’ll turn away guests. Right an alluring title and you’ll have guests checking out your airbnb in no time.

Here’s the first tip. Don’t use common adjectives and name of the airbnb location. Next, make sure that your title includes catchy and even mysterious adjectives that your guests will want or simply need to click on. Something that is going to grab their attention, because it’s out of the ordinary. If you write something like „Big Apartment in New York’’, you probably won’t stand out, and you’re bound to struggle with putting your airbnb on the map. But if you put a little bit of imagination into it, play around with words, add something unique to it, you can create a highly clickable airbnb property listing.

  • Tell Your Story with Amazing Photos

Our advice is to hire professional photographer, and take snaps of your property that even you won’t be able to stop looking at all day. These photos need to represent your airbnb in the best possible way. Although you might have the right equipment to do it on your own (and who doesn’t, since most of today’s smartphones have amazing cameras), professional photographers know the right angles and ways to capture the true beauty of your unit. Humans are visual creatures, don’t forget that.

  • Write a Clear Description to Send out a Clear Message

Descriptions shouldn’t be two things – too long and too boring. While you want to stand out as the most compact airbnb unit there is, you don’t want to burden potential guests with unnecessary information. Make sure to spice up your description buy adding some unique information to along with standard one. What do you have to offer that they can’t find in other places? Be just a little bit extra, you’re allowed to. Don’t worry, you’re not really bragging, you just want to put all of your best goods out there.

  • Don’t Play Cheap

And don’t charge too cheap either. You just might fall into the trap of thinking that cheap prices will attract more guests. While some guests may be attracted to the idea of saving money on their stay, you might hurt your airbnb in the end. It’s a common mistake to start below average pricing point, but avoid making this mistake. Price your airbnb unit properly.

In order to do this, you need to do a bit of additional research and check out what your competitors are doing. Just because you’re always on the low point of the price scale, doesn’t mean you’re going to get more bookings. Instead, opt for an average pricing, or even start at the higher end of the scale and then go from there. If you suspect that you’re doing great, keep up the good work. But, if you’re not getting any bookings and you can always change your rate to grab some last minute travelers.

  • Good Word of Mouth Goes a Long Way

What others say, in this case, is really important. Especially if you’re just starting off, and need an extra boost by getting good reviews. We all know that good reviews can be achieved by being the best possible host. Therefore, focus on being the dream host, and build your five-star ratings. Always remind your guests that if they are satisfied, they should leave you a review. Only if they want to, don’t put pressure on them by any means. Each and every review will potentially land you new opportunities and open up doors for new guests, because, when you think about it, people want a reliable service, not someone who hasn’t got reviews at all, or even worse, only has bad reviews from past visitors. They need to know that you stick to your words, provide what you offer and that you are trustworthy.

  • Lists are Your Best Friend

To keep your listing concrete, precise, but as informative as possible, try to use lists in your description. It’s a great little trick that will let you pack all the necessary information that you want to include, yet it looks organized, so it won’t deter potential clients from reading it. Think as a guest. If you see a messy, long one-paragraph text, you’ll immediately want to click the X button and get the heck out of the airbnb, even before you booked it. So, keep it neat, fun and informative. Nobody wants to read a novel while scouting for a short-term rental.

  • Set Reasonable Expectations from the Very Start

It’s like being in a relationship. If you set the right expectations from the very beginning, you won’t end up in a bad place with no painless solution to get out it. Prevent this chaos, by letting your guests know immediately what you’re offering them, and what they are getting, but also what you want from them, or don’t want from them. If you set clear expectations and stick to them throughout the entire experience of your guest booking and staying at your airbnb, you’ll have a very satisfied guests on board. And ding, ding ding! There you have it, another great review on your listing.


By organizing and creating the perfect listing, you’re setting yourself up for more views, clicks and bookings along the way. Remember; always build on your listing. If you feel like it needs a little bit more flair or simply a change, do it. Don’t let guests get bored of seeing the same old every day. Now, we ask you: What do you consider the most important factor when creating a killer airbnb listing? Share your secrets with us. We promise, we’ll never tell. Unless it’s really good.


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