7 Benefits of Staying at an Airbnb; We Adore #3


Airbnb appeals to all kinds of people, meaning, it’s not only interesting to frequent travelers that need a place to call home, when they’re not home. Time has shown that both business travelers and family travelers find airbnb the best option, because it has it all. The comfort, warmth, and privacy of a home, unmeasurable hospitality, and most importantly they get to go around the web in search for the best price.

While we do know all the benefits of renting out an airbnb, many people are still weighing the pros and cons of hotels and rentals like these, where a particular host rents out their private, empty space. Since we belong to the airbnb culture, we’re going to list the benefits that we believe will appeal to potential guests. If you’re still thinking about whether it’s worth it or not, keep on reading because you’ll find out.

You Get to Be as Meticulous as Possible

Usually, when you rent out a room in a hotel, you get to choose the basics. If you’re lucky or pay enough, you get to choose between a room with a view or without it. With airbnb, you get to scroll through so many different homes in search for the perfect one. If you’re looking for an ocean view, a three bedroom house with two bathrooms and one kitchen, you can select all the features and simply search for it. This is can be particularly attractive, because you get to specify the size, the place, the amenities, take a look at the home in advance, ask questions, and even request something if you need.

Hosts Cater to Your Needs

Airbnb, unlike other types of accommodation, offer you a truly personalized service, where your host will go out of his way to cater to you. It offers you a great experience, but bear in mind that hosts shouldn’t be regarded as personal servants. Their primary care is that your stay at their rental property is a pleasant one, and that you are satisfied with the service, but bothering them without a reasonable cause should be out of the question. Now, a good host will always be available to assist you and answer your questions, and be at your disposal if necessary, without too much delay. If the host himself isn’t available, he’ll make sure that he has staff to help his guests with anything they need. That kind of dedication and hospitality can only be found at your own home.

It’s a Place Where Different Cultures and People Collide

Personally, we love that the airbnb gives both hosts and guests the opportunity to meet and socialize with different people on a more personalized level. More than often, people from different cities, countries, or cultures collide, exchange interesting stories, and expose each other to the culture they come from.

The cultural collisions depend on the proximity of your rental space to a specific eventful district. If, for example, you live near a business center where international exhibitions and seminars take place, the higher the chances are that your target customers will be guests from all around the world. That way, friendships are created, bonds are nurtured, and through it, airbnbs are sending out a powerful, positive message, and that is, it’s important to socialize, learn and understand today’s society through personal interaction.

You Get to Immerse Yourself in the Local Experience

This is what we were talking about when we mentioned that an airbnb appeals to all kinds of travelers. If you’re not venturing out on a business trip, but simply want to travel to another district or even country and explore the local grounds, airbnb gives you the chance to completely immerse yourself in the neighborhood experience. It’s simply because, you’re renting out a room on airbnb in the neighborhood, and you’re immediately a part of their community. You’re not just a regular tourist who came to see the most remarkable sights. You get to live as they do, at least for a short amount of time. And that’s an experience you’ll remember forever.

It Welcomes Individuals and Groups Equally

Airbnb offers a huge selection of houses that fits individuals who want to stay alone for one night, or for families who are looking to stick together in one place. If you have a huge family, but don’t want to be in different rooms, scattered all over a hotel, you can find a big enough home for your entire family, where you won’t have to separate at all.

You Have Full Access to a Kitchen

So many people love airbnb, not just because of the pricing and hospitality, but because it gives you the commodity of having a kitchen. Now, if you want to enjoy room service, that’s all up to you. We don’t judge. But a lot of airbnb diehard fans claim that a kitchen is one of the main reasons why they love renting out spaces like these. You can store your beverages and food in the fridge, make yourself a cup of joe whenever you like, or stir up a few meals in the kitchen in order to save money. And who doesn’t like to save a little money, especially if you can invest it towards eating out at the best local restaurant at least one night of your stay.

It Indulges Your Frugal Tendencies

Yes, you can pinch a few pennies here and there with a stay. Although, you might not notice a HUGE difference with just one isolated stay at an airbnb, the amount of money does add up over time if you love to travel on regular bases. The amount of money you actually save, of course, depends on the host and the listing itself. Some rentals are ridiculously cheap, that’s why people choose to rent out an airbnb in the first place. This cost-effectiveness is especially great for business travelers who are always on the road, as well as families who are really careful about their finances.


These were our tips for using an airbnb, or rather why you should be using it if you still haven’t tried. It’s not just a sharing economy system that allows you to save money. It gives you so much more than that. Millions of people around the world are already using these benefits, so why not get on board the airbnb express.

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