5 Insightful Ways To Stand Out From Your Competition


We usually associate competition with something that needs to be kept a distance from, but in fact, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Especially in the hospitality industry, where the Airbnb community works on creating and sharing a large community of people who love to share their stories and lives with each other. So, getting to know your competition is a very essential marketing move and remaining close to your competitors can actually benefit you.

You don’t have to be the mean competitor who crushes everyone and everything on their road to success. Explore your neighboreeno! Check out what your competition has to offer and try to take their game to the next level. Don’t be afraid to like what they are doing. If you like it, build on it, and make sure to always add a little bit more to spice things up and go to the next level. Here are the aspects of hosting that you have to pay special attention to if you want to stand out from the rest.

  • Provide a Lightning Service

Whether it’s responding to your guest’s inquiry, answering messages, confirming the availability and reservation, it all needs to be done in prompt manner. Any delay in comparison to your competition could cost you a potential guest. Put yourself in their shoes. They’re probably looking through several options in your area. And as we all do, we always have multiple choices that we could go for. But, who will we go to first? The Airbnb that starts communicating and delivering right away, or the busy Airbnb owner that answers 24hrs later? I think we all know the answer to that question.

If you’re not really sure you can be there for potential clients 24/7, hire someone who will assist you to be as efficient in your service as possible. The truth is, we live in the age when people want everything, right now. No delays, no waiting, no frustration. So, no matter how full your calendar may be, remain attentive and be ready, because you can grab clients from the moment they decide to say ‘’Hello!’’.

  • Achieve Maximum Exposure

How would guests get to know you and your Airbnb if you didn’t market it? Who and where are you?

Marketing is crucial, and there are so many different ways to put your business out there. Starting from social media, local ads, and numerous websites where you get to list your space, and open up your business to people around the world. Use every possible medium you can to spread the word about your home. Services, just like ours make sure that you get the maximum exposure to the right market.

  • Go Above and Beyond the Basics

Depending on how serious you take your Airbnb career, you want to put in extra effort and work to  stand out from your competition. Sure, everyone knows that being a host is about providing numerous basic necessities, being polite and welcoming, but if you can do more than just that, and create a special atmosphere and offer your guests something they haven’t seen or experienced before, you’ll become the Airbnb super host of all times.

This might be hidden in the subtle décor and design touches, in the welcome basket full of homemade goodies, or a bubble bath ready for your guest to dive in. It can be anything basically, because everything is possible at an Airbnb and you want your guests to know that you’re going to be the host that’s going to give them all!

  • Present Yourself From a Different Perspective

We always talk about the importance of an amazing looking listing, where all the information is up-to-date, and your photographs look stunning. With a photographer available pretty much around every corner, there aren’t too many people who lack professional photos. But, what you really want to do to make your listing stand out and drive guests to your unit is the unique perspective of your photographs. Take photos from unusual angles, and make sure to photograph amenities and details that make your Airbnb special. Potential clients already know from your description the kind of rooms you have, but why not highlight the benefits and little details that will capture their heart?

  • Safety First

Now, let’s skip the décor, design and marketing and focus on the safety of your Airbnb. If you want to become an Airbnb host, you have to move past the superficial aspect of your competition. Instead focus on offering a safe and warm environment, and let your future clients know you’re all about insuring that they have a safe and wonderful experience.

Make sure to install burglar alarms, smoke detectors or a surveillance if you can. Sometimes, guest can be intimidated when choosing to stay at a place they have never been before. That’s why you need to take that next step and make sure that they will want to come to your unit, precisely because you guarantee them that kind of safety.


As more and more people are opting for short-term rental through Airbnb, and chances are the number will just keep rising in the future, the competition will be strong. Although, a healthy dose of competitive spirit is advised, it should at the same time preserve the initial wonderful idea of forming this community of renters.

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