5 Essential Pre-Arrival Communication Tips of Airbnb Pros


Communication is the golden asset you must own and master, in order to become the Airbnb host extraordinaire. If you don’t work and improve your communication skills regularly, then you’ll be lacking success in all other aspects of your business. Luckily, it’s not something that can’t be fixed. In fact, we’ve come to a conclusion that pretty much anyone can become the perfect communicator. But, do you know what it takes?

The goal is that your guests feel safe and welcome even before they arrive. A part of becoming a good Airbnb host is putting yourself in their shoes. Guests have millions of questions and doubts about this new place they’re coming to, and they’re trusting a complete stranger to keep them safe and secure. And if you don’t connect properly, you’ll instill this feeling of fear in them, which isn’t a great start at all. Try to skip the fear factor, and shoot for their comfort zone. With the help of the right words, of course.

Get Personal

The key is to find the middle ground between remaining professional, seeking out the necessary information, and being friendly and personal. You, as an Airbnb host, are a human after all, and shouldn’t be too stand offish when it comes to communication. So, when you encounter your first guest inquiry, make sure to be personal right off the bat. Nothing awkward, but make sure you’re friendly, positive and that you’re actually listening and thinking about what your client is saying.

For example, your client says that they work from home. You automatically think about advantages your Airbnb has for people who work from home. Mention your stable and ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to mention if you have an extra lap top or office space that they can use, or if your Airbnb is located in a very scenic place, that it’s very creative and inspiring. This shows that you’re actually interested in what they need.

Get to Know Your Potential Guest

This is an essential part of your pre-booking communication, because in order to book guests that are right for you, you need to ask them certain questions, to see if you match. We’ve discussed this in our previous blog post, and the main idea is that it’s important to find the right type of guest for your Airbnb in order to maximize their staying experience, as well as maximize the positive feedback for you.

But in order to get to that point, you need to take some time to get to know your guest’s expectations and plans. If you don’t seem to click on either one of them, you can decline their reservation early on from the start, and you’ll avoid a problem, even before it becomes one.

Agree on Means of Communication

Nowadays, there are so many means of communication for reaching out to your client. Whether it’s by phone or computer, you’ve got heaps of options to choose from. Our suggestion would be to come to an agreement to communicate through an app on the phone. It’s quick and easy, you can communicate on the go, using just your internet connection.

You can always get a hold of your client through apps such as Whatsapp or Viber, if you exchange phone numbers right from the start.

And if you thought communication couldn’t get any fancier, then you probably didn’t anticipate the arrival of the new Apple Watch, that will allow Airbnb hosts to respond to clients, bookings all from their wrist.

Keep Them in the Loop

If something changes regarding your booking and their reservation, make sure to notify them promptly. The faster the better. Both hosts and guests don’t like a sudden change of plan, but sometimes, it’s inevitable. It might not be your fault, but your duty is to communicate this with your guest, to avoid any potential negative feedback or disputes.

This also means to keep them in the loop if you’ve decided to redecorate your Airbnb and move around furniture. Some guests may rely on certain items being present in your unit, especially if they were listed as a part of your Airbnb. So, if you decide to make any changes, remove a TV, or an extra couch, let them know.

Don’t Let Your Guests Get Lost

This is one of the most crucial steps in your communication process, because once you’ve confirmed their reservation it actually means you’re dedicating all your time and effort to make their stay at your Airbnb as wonderful as possible. Which can’t be possible, if they don’t know how to get to your Airbnb for example. That’s why, before your guests even get on the plane, train or bus, you have to give them clear directions, and be at their disposal if they need any help getting to your Airbnb.

Getting your guest safely to your Airbnb is one of your responsibilities too, especially if you live in an area that’s really hard to navigate through, or if there’s no navigation for your part of the city at all.

Feel free to print out this checklist, so that you always stay on top of every situation.



Promptly answer their inquiry for the reservation.

Establish means of communication.

Exchange phone numbers and e-mails.

Answer phone calls and e-mails quickly.

Notify them when changes occur.

Give clear directions to your location.

Make sure to be present at the moment of their arrival.

Prepare your Airbnb with everything listed in your listing.


Truth be told, communication is from the very beginning to the very end the most important factor that will establish a stable bond between the host and client, and create a backdrop for a wonderful experience. Make sure to stick to our handy little check list, and you’ll ace the game.


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